Over the past three months, a new secure front entrance/attendance/administrative center has been installed directly inside to the right of entrance E2 of the East Building (bus circle side.) 

Previously entering the East Building, visitors entered through a buzzer system at door E2 and then traveled unattended through the first floor of the courtyard en route to the attendance/administrative center.  

With this safety update, starting this school year, when entering the East Building through E2 during school hours (when all doors are locked) visitors will be buzzed in through a single door into a secured vestibule, and then buzzed into a new attendance/administrative center before being allowed access to the rest of the building.  This secure attendance/ administrative center will house the campus administrative staff (Principal, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director/Dean of Students and the Special Education Supervisor), along with their administrative assistants.     

Additionally this summer, all the windows and doors throughout the entire campus have had LLumar Solar Safety film installed.  This safety and security film helps hold shattered glass together should a break occur, along with helping to slow down entry through the glass.  

These two safety projects were paid for through the District’s regular budget and are scheduled to be completed by August 14, 2023.

The $322,000 secure entrance is among almost $5.6 million dollars worth of improvements either planned or recently completed over the last two years throughout the EAWR campus. 

The District will continue to be committed to addressing all identified facility needs, essential safety and security upgrades and other identified critical maintenance needs in order to provide an improved learning environment for students, staff and the Oiler Community.

Oiler Alumni and community members are encouraged to please stop by anytime to experience the exciting changes we have made and are continuing to make to our beautiful and historic campus!  

Thank you for making EAWR a great source of pride for our community.