Link to the district's Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Damage Waiver Information

Parents and Students: 

Here is the link to register your Chromebook with AJ Gallagher for the $30 damage waiver. If you have purchased the pre-paid card from us, just follow the instructions on the card. If you need to pay on-line, instructions are there on the AJ Gallgher One 2 One Website, too. The URL is also listed as below ...

 By the way, we changed the Student ID for the 2014-15 school year to hopefully end some confusion.  This year, the student ID is an 8 digit number.  It can be found on your student's printed schedule and is labeled "Other ID" it is on the right side of the page near the top.  Students may also know this number as their "lunch code."

Trouble with your Chromebook?
Try these simple steps to fix most problems.

  1. Restart it.  Restarting refreshes the OS, memory, and network connection and will solve 90% of classroom problems.  To restart, choose "shut down" from the lower left corner or hold the power key until the light goes completely off (this may be 10-15 seconds). If you don't hold it long enough, it just went to sleep like closing the lid, be patient while holding the button.

  2. Check your OS Version.  By entering the URL chrome://chrome in the Chromebook browser window you can make sure that your OS is up-to-date and you have the latest software from Google.

  3. Update your Policies.  Enter the URL chrome://policy in the Chromebook browser window and click the "refresh now" button.  This will make sure that you have the latest settings to allow your Chromebook to operate on the EAWR Network.  You may need to restart your Chromebook after loading policies to make them take effect.

These simple steps will help you have the best experience while using your Chromebook at EAWR.