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Seniors (Class of 2016) New Vaccination Requirement!

posted Aug 13, 2015, 2:17 PM by John Pearson

Dear Parents of Class of 2016 (Seniors), 

We recently were notified that, beginning with the 2015-16 school year, all 12th graders in the state of Illinois will be required to show proof of recent meningococcal vaccination (MCV). All 12th graders will need to show proof of receiving two doses of the vaccine, unless the first dose was administered after your son/daughter turned 16.  This vaccination will prevent your son/daughter from a severe form of bacterial meningitis as well as other illnesses caused by these bacteria. 

Some students may have already received this MCV vaccine, since it has been recommended for various populations in the recent past. If that is the case with your son/daughter, all you would need to do is to provide the school verification of receiving the meningococcal vaccine. We can accept documentation that can come from one of the following sources: 

  •            A letter or note signed by your health care provider identifying the date that the MCV was given
  •            Printout from your provider’s electronic medical record (EMR) that indicates that the vaccine was administered
  •           Current Certificate of Child Health Examination form, specifying the date that the MCV was administered.

In addition to your health care provider, Madison County Health Department and Walgreens (Alton) have reported that they have the MC Vaccine. Also, Lewis & Clark College offers the vaccine, but only for students with who are uninsured or have a medical card. 

We must inform you that proof of this vaccination must be received in the Nurse’s Office by October 15, 2015, or your son/daughter will be subject to exclusion from school until the proof of vaccination is received. 

If you have any questions about this letter, please contact Nurse Kelly Skelton at 254-3151, Ext. 2530. Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation in this matter.