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Christmas Concert

posted Dec 16, 2016, 7:27 AM by John Pearson

We were entertained last night (12/15/16) in the EAWR Auditorium in our annual Christmas Concert.  Leading off the evening was our talented Concert Choir directed by Mr. Alexander and accompanied on the keyboard by freshman, Morgan Ruden. The Choir was later accompanied by the kids from the Region III CLIP program who, as usual, had a blast performing. And, our impressive EAWR Percussion Ensemble used their talents in performing on marimbas (vibraharps?), a glockenspiel, and some other percussion instruments, playing their version of Carol of the Bells. 

We were also proud to welcome the Lewis & Clark Jr. High 5th Grade (beginning) Band, and their Concert Band. It's always nice to see the future of our EAWR band program, with Mr. Alexander later noting that several of our musicians were mentoring some of the L&C JH kids on their respective instruments. Thanks to District 15, Kim Hudson (Director). their musicians, and their families who helped us come close to packing the Auditorium last evening.

Finally, the EAWR Concert Band (also directed by Mr. Alexander concluded the concert, sounding wonderful, and putting everyone in the Christmas spirit just a little more. The band seniors also put their conductor in the season, with coffee cups and Keurig containers featuring their photos and a t-shirt and mug both featuring his "mug."

A .pdf of the Concert Program is attached below ...

Thanks to the Band Booster parents for hosting the punch & cookie reception in the East Building after the concert! Thanks to Principal Leigh Robinson for the photo montage below.

Industrial Technology Vacancy for 16-17

posted Dec 13, 2016, 11:03 AM by John Pearson

Go to the left margin menu for "District Vacancies" to view this opening ....

Seamless Summer Free Breakfast Option

posted Nov 28, 2016, 2:00 PM by John Pearson

Each summer - during days that we have summer school class sessions - EAWR hosts free breakfasts for anyone in the school district that is 18 years or younger or, who are 19 years or older with a physical or mental disability, as defined by the Illinois State Board of Education. Breakfast operates from 7:30 - 7:55 a.m. each day that summer school is in session (which typically runs from late May or early June through the end of June or early July - TBA). One does not have to be enrolled at EAWR or be enrolled in summer school to be served the free breakfast. Call 254-3151, Ext. 2641 for more information about the free summer breakfast program. 

Renaissance Assembly - Sept. 27, 2016

posted Sep 27, 2016, 2:35 PM by John Pearson   [ updated Sep 27, 2016, 2:44 PM ]

Today, EAWR recognized its students who, in the 2nd Semester of 2015-16, had exemplary grades, attendance, and good conduct. All students that qualify are honored in an assembly in the Auditorium in front of parents and other invited guests. Students are rewarded with a polo shirt, a certificate, and some who are lucky enough to have their names drawn, receive cash and other merchandise.

To qualify as a Renaissance award winner, all students had three or fewer absences, no unexcused absences, no suspensions, and two or fewer tardies - all while maintaining a minimum specified Grade Point Average during that semester.

Gold Level / Second Semester / 2015 – 16 (GPA of 4.0/4.0 or better) 

Brenden Allen, Lindsey Bailey, Courtney Bazzell, Gage Booten, Katelyn Booten, Caroline Campbell, Xavier Collman, Adam Copeland, Kaylee Dailey, Trenton Darr, Zachary Davis, Alli Franklin, Brian Fudurich, Kaitlin Goodbrake, Jennifer Hallstead, Nicholas Hayes, Zachary Kincade, Ashley Knight, Jared Liley, Hailey Marshall, Shawn McKee, Allison Mitchell, Marrisa Morrison, Mackenzie Munn, Nicholas  Munn, Annelise Neathery, Rebekah Null, Lauren J. Robinson, Haley Shewmake, Sydney Slayden. Emily Smith, Raechel Springman, Rachel Staten, Phillip Tierney, Chase Wallendorff, Maegan Wallendorff, Lauren Wayman, Zachary Wells, Jordan White, Ryne White, Gavin Whiteside, Zaide Wilson, Jason Womack, Jr., Zachary Womack, Joseph Ziegler 

Maroon Level / Second Semester /2015-16 (GPA of 3.50 - 3.59) 

Joseph Barnerd, Joel Biesk, Jesse Brewer, Cailee Brown, Abigail Cathey, Bethany Clark, Jacob Cress, Kara Crutchley, Makayla Dolbee, Krizza Domingo, Justin Englar, Jacob Erslon, Desiree Ferrari, Delaney Gibbons, Kylee Gust, Fiona Hamiti, Tyler Hayes, Sierra Henry, Sierra Hurt, Hunter Jones, Maisie Kaylor, Sebastian Ledesma, Katelyn Lindquist, Alyssa Malley, Tristin Moore, Morgan Moxey, Gage Nalley, Caitlyn Olinghouse, Timothy Oseland, Ian Patton, Tony Rangel, Rachel Rodriquez, Lora Ruyle, Emilee Sabatino, Jacob Sarich, Dominic Scroggins, Danielle Shimchick, Autumn Shoppell, Amanda Smay, Hope Springer, Brayden Stone, Brooke Sutherland, Chance Walter, Allison Waters, Heather Watson-Thomason, Jonathon Wreath, Brittany Yenne 

Silver Level /  Second Semester / 2015 - 16 (GPA of 3.00 - 3.49) 

Chenoa Akins, Caillou Assmar, Alexis Bell, Adelynn Bentley, Andrew Carpenter, Devin Curtis, Chandler Eckhoff, Ciara Evans, Kirstin Forgy, Jacob Friederich, Carissa Gilreath, Jacob Hall, Damian Holbrook Blair, Janie Hughes, Alyssa Kissee, Hanna Lamere, Tristan Lawson, Caitlin LeMond, Brianna Lewis, Alissa Little, Paul Magurany, William Malone, Jacob Martin, David McDaid, Jordan Mellenthin, Jacob Mustain, Owen Newell, Rebecca Nottke, Carrie Price, Dalton Pryor, Darin Redden, Paige Schuler, Matthew Shea, Ashli Shewmaker, Emily Sidwell, Andrew Sobol, Adrianna Stangle, Noah Strebler, Elizabeth Summers, KaLynn Thompson, Alyssa Troxtell, Jacob Vassos, Alyssa Volk, Madyson Voudrie, Kaleigh Young 

White Level / Second Semester / 2015-16 (GPA of 0.5 increase or better over previous semester) 

Jonathan Archer-Ramsey, Austin Carlisle, Blyghn Carter, Kevin Kearby, Douglas McClellan, Tiffany McMahan, Jason Shea, Joshua Stemm, Brayden Young

In addition, the following students received recognition for Perfect Attendance:

Perfect Attendance: 2nd Semester 2015-16: 

Jacob Erslon, Brian Fudurich, Austin Hammond, Damian Holbrook-Blair, Janie Hughes, Tristan Lawson, William Malone, Jordan Miller, Annelise Neathery, Ian Patton, Katelyn Powers, Emilee Sabatino, Jacob Sarich, Amanda Smay, Noah Strebler, Andrew Tankersley, Chance Walter, Joey Ziegler 

Perfect Attendance: Entire 2015-16 School Year: 

Brian Fudurich, William Malone, Ian Patton, Emilee Sabatino, Noah Strebler, Joseph Ziegler

Here are the prize drawing winners from today's assembly.:

Perfect Attendance: 2nd Semester:

$50 Walmart GC  / Annelise Neathery

$25 Movie Theatre GC / Noah Strebler

$20 Buffalo Wild Wings GC / Jacob Sarich

(3) $10 Subway Gift Cards - Emilee Sabatino, Janie Hughes, Jordan Miller

Perfect Attendance All Year 2015-16:

$20 Buffalo Wild Wings GC / Joseph Ziegler

$25 Walmart GC / Ian Patton

$25 Applebee’s GC / William Malone

White Level Prize Drawing Winners:

(5) $10 Subway GC / Jonathan Archer-Ramsey, Douglas McClellan, Tiffany McMahan, Jason Shea, Brayden Young

Silver Level Prize Drawing Winners:

$50 Walmart GC / Chenoa Akins

$25 Walmart GC / William Malone

$25 Movie Theatre GC / Carrisa Gilreath

$20 Buffalo Wild Wings GC / Tristan Lawson

$25 I-Tunes GC / Drew Sobol

(8) $10 Subway GC / Adelynn Bentley, Paige Schuler, Ashli Shewmaker, Elizabeth Summers, Jacob Vassos, Alyssa Volk, Madyson Voudrie, Kaleigh Young

$25 Applebee’s GC / Alexis Bell

Maroon Level Prize Drawing Winners:

Beats Earbuds / Cailee Brown

$25 Walmart GC / Autumn Shoppell

$25 Movie Theatre GC / Jesse Brewer

$20 Buffalo Wild Wings GC / Jacob Cress

$25 I-Tunes GC / Tim Oseland

$25 Applebee’s GC / Kylee Gust

(10) $10 Subway GC / Abigail Cathey, Kara Crutchley, Delaney Gibbons, Sierra Henry, Tony Rangel, Rachel Rodriquez, Lora Ruyle, Amanda Smay, Allison Waters, Jonathon Wreath

Gold Level Prize Drawing Winners:

Beats Earbuds / Chase Wallendorff

$50 Walmart GC / Emily Smith

$25 Movie Theatre GC / Raechel Springman

$20 Buffalo Wild Wings GC / Jennifer Hallstead

$25 I-Tunes GC / Kaylee Dailey

$25 Walmart GC / Nic Hayes

$25 Applebee’s GC / Katelyn Booten

(10) $10 Subway GC / Courtney Bazzell, Xavier Collman, Adam Copeland, Kaitlin Goodbrake, Jared Liley, Marrisa Morrison, Mackenzie Munn, Maegan Wallendorff, Zaide Wilson, Jason Womack, Jr.

Congrats to all of our award winners! We appreciate your hard work!






Welcome Students!

posted Aug 22, 2016, 9:12 AM by John Pearson

Welcome back to school, Oilers and staff! We hope everyone has a great 2016-17 school year. Students: If you have questions or concerns, please stop and ask any teacher, administrator, or staff member and they be glad to help.

We're really looking forward to great things from our students this year and are excited to get going!

- Dr. Pearson

Registration Letter Mailed to Parents - 2016

posted Aug 3, 2016, 7:40 AM by John Pearson

Dear Parents: 

Click on the link below to find the letter that was recently mailed to parents regarding 2016 Registration. This letter can also be found by clicking on the Registration Link on the left margin (under Resources).

Calendar 2016-17

posted Jul 7, 2016, 10:33 AM by John Pearson

There are two versions of the 2016-17 school calendar on the Website: One is found within the Google based calendar that also contains the athletic calendar. The other is a one-page text version - like we used to distribute at registration time. That can be found on the Documents page

Track Renovation Photos

posted Jul 7, 2016, 7:12 AM by John Pearson   [ updated Sep 1, 2016, 7:25 AM ]

Here are some photos of the renovated track surface ....


Vaccinations - Health Dept.

posted Jun 27, 2016, 1:25 PM by John Pearson

Parents of Incoming Seniors and Freshmen (Class of 2020): 

Madison County Health Dept is offering all of the school vaccinations. See attached flyer for more details!

Class of 1976 Reunion!

posted Jun 21, 2016, 12:36 PM by John Pearson

NEW: The Class of 1976 is planning their 40th Reunion to be held on Saturday, July 2, 2016. 7:00 p.m. at the High Flyers Grille. Location: St. Louis Regional Airport (Civic Memorial Airport to you "old timers"). Questions: Call Laura at 703-932-0628

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