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Hall of Fame Dinner - Oct. 14, 2017

posted Oct 5, 2017, 8:48 AM by John Pearson

Reminder: The Oiler Alumni Hall of Fame will hold its Induction Dinner for the new Induction Class on Saturday, Oct. 14th. The East Building Courtyard doors will open at 5:00 p.m., with Dinner scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 apiece for the general public and can still be purchased in the EAWR Main Office from 8:00 - 3:00 p.m. from now until Friday, Oct. 13th. For information about tickets call Carla at 254-3151, Ext. 2501.

Join us in welcoming our newest Hall of Famers: Mayor Frank Akers (1970), Dr. Rodger Elble (1966), Dr. Jeff Ettling (1982), Dr. Laura (Pulaski) Hill (1994); Dr. Phil Kladar (1984); Prof. Doug Laycock (1966), Mayor Bill Magurany (1934); and Ron Milligan (1962)

Renaissance Winners - Fall 2017

posted Sep 22, 2017, 1:19 PM by John Pearson   [ updated Sep 22, 2017, 1:24 PM ]

On Thursday, Sept. 21st, EAWR honored all of the Renaissance Award winners. As you know, our Renaissance program honors students for their academic achievement, perfect attendance, and good behavior habits at a semi-annual assembly to which the parents and family are invited. After students are recognized in each of the categories, their names are placed in and then drawn from a bowl for the special prizes.

A student receiving one of the academic Renaissance awards (Gold, Maroon, Silver, and White) qualified by his/her semester grade point average (GPA); by having three or fewer absences; two or fewer tardies; and no suspensions, ISS, or STOP placements. 

Gold Level:       4.0 GPA or higher from that semester
Maroon Level:  3.5 - 3.99 GPA from that semester
Silver Level:     3.0 - 3.49 GPA from that semester
White Level:     An increase of at least 0.5 in one's GPA from the previous semester

A student receiving the Perfect Attendance Award qualified because he/she had no absences and no tardies during that semester, no "F's", and no suspensions, ISS, or STOP placements. 

Below are the award winners in their respective categories of achievement. Scroll down further on this page for a group photo of our special prize drawing winners. Congratulations, Oilers!!

Gold Level (4.0 GPA or better in the preceding semester

Second Semester


Lindsey Bailey, Jillian Barber, Joseph Barnerd, Kate Baskin, Courtney Bazzell, Katelyn Booten, Xavier Collman, Alexander Cox, Zachary Davis, Makayla Dolbee, Ethan Fillop, Nicholas Hayes, Allison Hill, Damian Holbrook Blair, Zachary Kincade, Ashley Knight, Jared Liley, Hailey Marshall, Shawn McKee, Kendall Moore, Annelise Neathery, Taylor Norman, Caitlyn Olinghouse, Taylor Parmentier, Justin Pfister, Aubrey Robinson, Isabella Romero, Morgan Ruden, Alice Slattery, Cody Smith, Rachel Staten, Jacquelin Stephen, Kathleen Tierney, Madisyn Tucker, Chase Wallendorff, Maegan Wallendorff, Ethan Walter, ]acob Wells, Ryne White, Gavin Whiteside, Emily Wilder, Jordan Yenne


Maroon Level

Second Semester


Gage Booten, Austin Compton, Devin Curtis, Krizza Domingo, Justin Englar, Macy Flanigan, Alli Franklin, Summer Fulkerson, Delaney Gibbons, Hannah Gibson, Fiona Hamiti, Janie Hughes, Alyssa Kissee, Kameron Kueck, Tristan Lawson, Alissa Little, Reghan Levinson, Alyssa Malley, Jacob Martin, Eryn McLain, Tyler McLain, Jacob Mellenthin, Jessica Moore, Morgan Moxey, Gage Nalley, Blake Neiworth, Leigh Nottke, Hailey Peck, Carrie Price, Joshua Rector, Ashley Reed, Alison Rush, Lora Ruyle, Jacob Sarich, Dominic Scroggins, Autumn Shoppell, Sydney Slayden, Adrianna Stangle, Phillip Tierney, Lacey Tretter, Blake Unterbrink, Brittany Wall, Chance Walter, Zachary Wells, Zaide Wilson, Damien Wiseman, Jason Womack, Zachary Womack, Peyton Young


Silver Level

Second Semester

2016 – 17

Chenoa Akins, Adelynn Bentley, Caleb Bogus, Austin Breckle, Shania Butler-Williams, Dezarae Crotts, Alexander Dilks, Ciara Evans, Gavin Fillop, Holly Goble, Kylee Gust, Hunter Hall, Cody Jones, Kevin Kearby, Carl Klabough, Jenna Lang, Caitlin LeMond, Torrie Lenon-Starner, Paul Magurany, William Malone, Ethan Moore, Hunter Morales, Rebecca Nottke, Kristen O’Dell, Katelyn Powers, Tony Rangel, Darin Redden, Kalieb Runyan, Jason Shea, Matthew Shea, Samantha Shimchick, Hope Springer, , Noah Strebler, Elizabeth Summers, Kathlyn Sutter, Joseph Vassos, Lucas Vogt-Edwards, Madyson Voudrie, DaeShawn Warren, Kayla Wiegand


White Level

Second Semester

2016 -17

James Ellis, Jacob Erslon, Austin Hammond, Teresa Hand, Kristiana Jackson, Jordan Miller, Kaitlyn Pickett, Stephen Smith, Colin Wilken


Perfect Attendance

Second Semester

2016 -17

Gage Booten, Austin Breckle, Xavier Collman, Zach Davis, Dakota Ferrari, Ethan Fillop, Zach Gibbs, Tristan Lawson, Paul Magurany, Will Malone, Eryn McLain, Gage Nalley, Caitlyn Olinghouse, Kaitlyn Pickett, Joshua Rector, Dominic Scroggins, Darren Spruill, Madisyn Tucker, Gavin Whiteside


Prize Winners

Renaissance Assembly - Sept. 21

Perfect Attendance

Second Semester

$25 Best Buy GC – Joshua Rector / Zach Gibbs

$25 Movie Theatre GC – Ethan Fillop

$25 Target GC – Gage Nalley

$10 Subway GC – Zach Davis / Caitlyn Olinghouse / Kaitlyn Pickett

Perfect Attendance

All Year

$25 Target GC – Kaitlyn Pickett

$25 Amazon GC – Darren Spruill

$25 Applebee’s GC – William Malone

Gold Level

Beats Headphones – Joseph Barnerd

$50 Walmart GC – Courtney Bazzell

$25 Movie Theatre GC – Emily Wilder

$25 Best Buy GC – Ryne White

$25 Amazon GC – Chase Wallendorff

$25 Walmart GC – Nicholas Hayes

$25 Applebee’s GC – Taylor Norman

$10 Subway GC – Lindsey Bailey / Kate Baskin / Alex Cox / Ethan Fillop / Damian Holbrook / Hailey Marshall / Taylor Parmentier / Aubrey Robinson / Madisyn Tucker / Gavin Whiteside

Maroon Level

Beats Headphones - Tristan Lawson

$25 Walmart GC - Damien Wiseman

$25 Target GC - Zachary Womack

$25 Amazon GC - Chance Walter

$25 Applebee’s GC - Blake Neiworth

$10 Subway GC - Austin Compton / Justin Englar / Hannah Gibson / Jessica Moore / Ashley Reed / Lora Ruyle / Sydney Slayden / Blake Unterbrink / Zahary Wells / Peyton Young

Silver Level

$50 Walmart GC - Joseph Vassos

$25 Best Buy GC - Katelyn Powers

$25 Movie Theatre GC - William Malone

$25 Target GC - Kayla Wiegand

$25 Amazon GC - Darin Redden

$25 Applebee’s GC - Gavin Fillop

$10 Subway GC - Caleb Bogus / Hunter Hall / Ethan Moore / Hunter Morales / Tony Rangel / Hope Springer / Kathlyn Sutter / Madyson Voudrie

White Level

$10 Subway GC - Jacob Erslon / Austin Hammond / Teresa Hand / Stephen Smith / Colin Wilken

Harvest Queens - 90th Anniversary of Coronation!

posted Sep 21, 2017, 12:40 PM by John Pearson   [ updated Sep 21, 2017, 12:50 PM ]

This year marks the 90th Anniversary of East Alton-Wood River High School’s Coronation of the Harvest Queen.  In recognition of this milestone, we are inviting all former Harvest Queens to participate in this year’s Coronation, which will be held September 30th at 7:30 pm in the Memorial Gymnasium. All former Harvest Queens are asked to arrive at the Gym by 7:00 that evening. 

We will introduce all former queens at the beginning of the ceremony and you will be seated in a special, reserved section on the floor.  

Please RSVP to Allison Beachum at

AT&T Internet Offer!

posted Jul 26, 2017, 11:05 AM by John Pearson   [ updated Jul 26, 2017, 11:29 AM ]

Families who receive SNAP assistance can apply with a brand-new program from AT&T to get low-cost ($10 per month) Internet access in their homes. This is not to be confused with EAWR's Sprint WiFi router program (see information elsewhere on the Home Page. Please see the attached flyer for details. Or, click here ...

Honor Rolls for 2nd Semester Now Posted!

posted Jun 13, 2017, 12:12 PM by John Pearson   [ updated Jun 13, 2017, 12:17 PM ]

Below are the High Honor and Honor Rolls for the 2nd Semester at EAWR High School:





Brenden Allen, Joel Biesk, Jesse Brewer, Caroline Campbell, Abigail Cathey, Ashlyn Cole, Kaylee Dailey, Desiree Ferrari,

Kirstin Forgy, Brian Fudurich, Tyler Hayes, Ryleigh Hinkle, Steven Hornbeck, Hunter Jones, Victoria Kallal, Jacob Kerpan, Brianna Lewis, Calli Martin, Jordan Mellenthin, Allison Mitchell, Marrisa Morrison, Mackenzie Munn, Timothy Oseland, Griffin Parko, Ian Patton, Lauren Robinson, Rachel Rodriguez, Devin Rudd, Emilee Sabatino, Jordan Schmidgall, Haley Shewmake, Danielle Shimchick, Amanda Smay, Emily Smith, Raechel Springman, Brayden Stone, Alyssa Troxtell, Jacob Vassos, Alyssa Volk, Hannah Walker, Heather Watson-Thomason, Lauren Wayman, Jordan White, Brianna Yenne, Kaleigh Young , Joseph Ziegler




Joseph Barnerd, Courtney Bazzell, Xavier Collman, Zachary Davis, Anthony Ellison, Justin Englar, Thomas Forrester, Wyatt Fry, Delaney Gibbons, Jennifer Hallstead, Austin Hammond, Nicholas Hayes, Zachary Kincade, Ashley Knight, Tristan Lawson, Sebastian Ledesma, Jacob Martin, Tyler McLain, Jessica Moore, Morgan Moxey, Blake Neiworth, Rebekah Null, Caitlyn Olinghouse, Dalton Pryor, Alison Rush, Lora Ruyle, Adrianna Stangle, Rachel Staten, Blake Unterbrink, Chase Wallendorff, Zachary Wells, Morgan Wiegand, Emily Wilder, Zaide Wilson, Jason Womack,

Zachary Womack, Brittany Yenne, Peyton Young



Lindsey Bailey, Gage Booten, Katelyn Booten, Austin Compton, Adam Copeland, Devin Curtis, Trenton Darr, Makayla Dolbee, Krizza Domingo, Ethan Fillop, Alli Franklin, Kaitlin Goodbrake, Fiona Hamiti, Allison Hill, Damian Holbrook Blair, Janie Hughes, Alyssa Kissee, Jared Liley, Alissa Little, Alyssa Malley, Hailey Marshall, Shawn McKee, Jacob Mellenthin, Nicholas Munn, Gage Nalley, Annelise Neathery, Carrie Price, Jacob Sarich, Dominic Scroggins, Autumn Shoppell, Sydney Slayden, Phillip Tierney, Maegan Wallendorff, Chance Walter, Ryne White, Gavin Whiteside, Colin Wilken, Jordan Yenne




Jillian Barber, Kate Baskin, Alexander Cox, Macy Flanigan, Summer Fulkerson, Breanna Gernon, Hannah Gibson, Jordyn Gibson, Alexa Kincade, Trent Klabough, Kameron Kueck, Nicole Lane, Reghan Levinson, Seth Lile, Eryn McLain, Kendall Moore, Taylor Norman, Leigh Nottke, Taylor Parmentier, Hailey Peck, Michael Peterson, Justin Pfister, Andrew Raymond, Joshua Rector, Ashley Reed, Aubrey Robinson, Isabella Romero, Morgan Ruden, Alice Slattery, Cody Smith, Jacquelin Stephen, Kathleen Tierney, Lacey Tretter, Madisyn Tucker, Brittany Wall, Ethan Walter, Jacob Wells, Damien Wiseman





Cailee Brown, Cameron Brown, Zane Butkovich, Austin Carlisle, Blyghn Carter, Sierra Henry, Ashley Johnson, Hanna Lamere, Susan Phinney, Clayton Robbins, James Roustio, Ashli Shewmaker, Andrew Sobol, Brenden Springman, Andrew Tankersley, Jonathon Wright




Chenoa Akins, Adelynn Bentley, Austin Breckle, Shania Butler-Williams, Alexus Clark, Ciara Evans, Kylee Gust, Hunter Hall, Cody Jones, Kevin Kearby, Carl Klabough, Paul Magurany IV, Emily Morse, Rebecca Nottke, Katherine Pyle, Darin Redden, Alexis Reinke, Jason Shea, Matthew Shea, Kathlyn Sutter




Gabriel Briagas, Bethany Clark, Caitlin LeMond, William Malone, Hunter Morales, Kristen O’Dell, Katelyn Powers, Tony Rangel III, Hope Springer, Noah Strebler, Elizabeth Summers, Lucas Vogt-Edwards, Madyson Voudrie




Alexis Akins-Meyers, Alexander Arnold, Breanna Belfield, Caleb Bogus, Kayla Brantley, Dezarae Crotts, Alexander Dilks, Nicolas Ellis, Gavin Fillop, William Glass, Holly Goble, Aubrie Johnson, Jenna Lang, Torrie Lenon-Starner, Ethan Moore, Kalieb Runyan, Caiyla Ryan, Samantha Shimchick, Joseph Vassos, DaeShawn Warren, Kayla Wiegand

Memorial Gym - Graduation

posted May 16, 2017, 10:35 AM by John Pearson

Due to the forecasts calling for a 20% chance of scattered showers or storms tomorrow (Wed., May 17th) and the huge logistical issues in setting up on the football field, only to possibly tear it all down and move it indoors to the Gym if a storm cropped up, we will hold Graduation Practice (9:00 a.m.) and Graduation (8:00 p.m.) - both in Memorial Gym.

Doors will open to the public at 7:00 p.m. Seating is not reserved and no admission tickets are required. Some space will be made available on the floor for handicapped seating. An district employee will be glad to assist those who need special seating. Be advised that the Gym is not air conditioned.

We thank you for your patience in this ....


Senior Recognition Assembly

posted May 12, 2017, 10:45 AM by John Pearson

On Wed., May 10th, the Class of 2017 was recognized in front of the annual all-school Recognition Assembly, held in Memorial Gym. 

Many seniors were recognized as recipients of awards and college scholarships. Here are the award winners: 

Big Sisters Scholarship: Mackenize Munn and Lauren Robinson
Post-Dispatch Scholar-Athlete: Carly Campbell
U.S. Army Reserve Scholar-Athlete Award: Drew Sobol and Carly Campbell
East Alton Rotary Scholarship: Ashley Johnson and Mikayla Freeman
Merle Bassett Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Wayman
Shelter Insurance Scholarship: Lauren Robinson
Pump House Scholarship: Victoria Kallal and Joe Ziegler
Student Council Scholarship: Mackenzie Munn
Masonic Scholarship: Emilee Sabatino
Meghan Hickerson Christian Teen Leader Scholarship: Mackenzie Munn
East Alton American Legion Scholarship: Hannah Lamere and Brenden Allen
Shirley Thatcher Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Robinson
Midwest Credit Union Scholarship: Lauren Robinson
Midwest Credit Union "Oiler of the Month Scholarship: Brenden Allen
Marines All-American Award: Zach Kincade (Junior)
Senior Art Purchase Award: Cameron Brown
Scott King Memorial Scholarship: Raechel Springman
Toni Fry-Hilgert Memorial Scholarship: Marrisa Morrison
Wood River Lions Scholarship: Abigail Cathey
Wood River Rotary Scholarship: Raechel Springman and Brenden Allen
EAWR Educators Scholarship: Mackenzie Munn, Lauren Wayman, and Lauren Robinson
Orville & Kathleen Brunjes Scholarship: Marrisa Morrison
Wood River American Legion Howard Oetting Memorial Scholarship: Brenden Allen
DAR Award: Marrisa Morrison
SAR Award: Brenden Allen
Illinois State Scholars: Marrisa Morrison and Raechel Springman
Presidential Academic Award: Raechel Springman, Rachel Rodriguez, and Zach Hudson

Those entering into the military after graduation are: Brian Fudurich and Jake Roustio (Army National Guard) and Christian Hunter (U.S. Army - Active Duty)

The Class of 2017 Valedictorian, Marrisa Morrison, was introduced to the audience.

Mrs. Robinson recognized our two retiring faculty members: Susan Ledford (English) and David Sobol (Industrial Arts)

Also recognized were the Distinguished Graduates: Brenden Allen, Joel Biesk, Jesse Brewer, Caroline Campbell, Abigail Cathey, Kaylee Dailey, Brian Fudurich, Carissa Gilreath, Tyler Hayes, Sierra Henry, Hunter Jones, Hanna Lamere, Brianna Lewis, Katelyn Lindquist, Allison Mitchell, Marrisa Morrison, Mackenzie Munn, Timothy Oseland, Lauren Robinson, Rachel Rodriguez, Emilee Sabatino, Jordan Schmidgall, Haley Shewmake, Allison Shook, Amanda Smay, Emily Smith, Andrew Sobol, Raechel Springman, Brayden Stone, Jacob Vassos, Alyssa Volk, Lauren Wayman, Kaleigh Young, Joseph Ziegler.

Finally, the Class of 2017 selected two teachers to be the Senior Faculty Award winners. These two teachers will read the names of the graduates during Commencement on May 17th: Sarah Jones (Science) and Kelly Gardner (English).

RBGA Young Adults Committee Recognition

posted May 11, 2017, 9:38 AM by John Pearson

EAWR senior, Haley Shewmake, and junior, Nic Hayes, were recognized at the Center in downtown Alton this morning for their work with the YAC in engaging in community service for their chosen charity: the Salvation Army. 

The Riverbend Growth Association sponsors the Young Adults Committee, which is composed of two students each from Alton, CM, EAWR, Marquette, and Roxana High Schools and provides them meeting time and space to work with some designated non-profit groups in the area. Each school's representatives have a designated non-profit organization to assist. 

Haley spoke about how meaningful their service was and the learning experience they had during the 2016-17 school year, and apologized for Nic, who could not attend.

Also introduced was EAWR's newest representative, Kate Booten, sophomore, who will join Nic Hayes next year on the YAC. 
Congrats, Haley on your two years of great service to the Young Adults Committee. Good luck and best wishes to Kate and Nic in 2017-18!

New Water Bottle Filling Stations at EAWR

posted May 11, 2017, 8:50 AM by John Pearson

(By: Jesse Daniels, EAWR History Teacher)

East Alton-Wood River High School installed a new water bottle filling station today as part of a conservation initiative through the school's Green Schools Program.  EAWR senior Brenden Allen authored the application for the funding through the Madison County Green Schools Program and secured the Green Seed Environmental Grant.  EAWR Green School Coordinator, Sarah Jones, oversaw the entire process that started in September 2016 and witnessed the installation of the first of two water bottle filling stations on campus.  The Madison County Planning and Development Committee made the funds available early this year for the project.

IPA Student Breakfast

posted Apr 21, 2017, 11:06 AM by John Pearson

On Wed., April 19, 2017, two accomplished EAWR Seniors, Mackenzie Munn and Brenden Allen, were honored by the Illinois Principals Association-Southwestern Division, along with many other students selected by their principals from schools all over the Metro-East. The Student Recognition Breakfast was held at the Gateway Convention Center in Collinsville.

Students were selected for their academic success and contributions to their school and activities. Elementary, junior high, and high school students were all recognized at the breakfast. The keynote address was given by Dr. Kelly Stewart, former teacher and administrator, and currently an Asst. Professor at McKendree University. Congrats to Brenden and Mackenzie!

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