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Thursday, February 23, 2017

posted Feb 22, 2017, 1:07 PM by Carla Guthrie
**TWIRP tickets will be sold this week after school and CAN NOT be purchased at the door. The cost for a ticket is $10 each or $5 each for gold level Renaissance winners. Tickets will be sold outside of Mrs. Timmins and Mr. Daniels room. 

** TWIRP is this Saturday from 7-10 pm in the Courtyard. Dresses for the dance need to be finger tip in length and no jeans or sweatpants (school clothes or better).  Please remember this is a school dance and all school rules apply.  To vote for your favorite TWIRP candidate, donate money to his box in the courtyard through February 24th at 11:00am.  The King will be crowned at the TWIRP dance this Saturday. 

**Juniors:  EAWR will be offering a series of 4 SAT prep sessions for juniors to prepare for the April 5th SAT Test.  Each of the 4 sessions in the series will be offered two times.  If a junior student attends all four sessions in the series, he/she will earn semester exemption second semester senior year.  Please sign up for each of the sessions in google drive.  If there are questions, please see Mrs Robinson.

**There will be a baseball open gym tonight at 6:30 pm in the Memorial Gym.

**The Mannie Jackson Center for Humanities Committee has passed out respect cards to teachers for students/staff.   If you see someone exhibiting respect whether it is a student, teacher, or staff member, fill out the card for who you believe is showing respect.  Once the cards are filled out there is a box in the attendance center to drop them off. We will have drawings every week or two and the winners will receive a free T-shirt. 

**If there is anyone still interested in joining the track team come to the track after school anytime this week. It looks like both boys and girls team will be strong. Come join in on the fun.

**Juniors--Tomorrow, juniors will be taking 2 sections of a practice SAT test.  Juniors should report to their 1st hour, take attendance, and then go to the testing room.  The testing room list was shared with juniors in google drive.  Juniors will take the timed reading test and the non-calculator portion of the math test.  If there are questions please see Mrs. Robinson.

**The library is taking names and dates for the MARCH Birthday Board.  Cost is .25 cents and you receive a sweet treat.  See Ms. Budde to sign up.

**An order form to purchase pictures at TWIRP has been emailed to each student.  Please take a look, fill it out, and bring it Saturday night to the dance with payment if you would like to order.